2014 CCSE Survey Season Now

CCSSE, which stands for Community College Survey of Student Engagement, is a project conducted through the UH Community College System, in an effort to understand and improve student engagement at the community colleges. Seventy-nine classes from Kapi’olani Community College were randomly selected by the CCSSE national research team, the highest number of classes selected in history at the college. The CCSSE survey administration starts from 2/27 and end at 5/2.

This years CCSSE features: large number of class selection, active faculty/staff involvement, and ability to link student engagement and achievement. Another feature of this year’s CCSSE administration is to ask students to provide their UH email username on the survey. Strict confidentiality protocol is followed by the CCSSE national research team and OFIE to protect student identity. With student ID information, the college will be able to investigate the correlation between students’ engagement and their academic achievement. This in turn will allow the college to conduct validation of the survey and identify the areas of student engagement that impact academic achievement the most.

CCSSE has been the only source of student voice for currently enrolled students in the past. We believe the collection of student voice can help the college to develop targeted strategies to improve students’ engagement and academic experience, thus improve students’ academic achievement and success.