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Professional Development Fund

Kapi’olani Community College is committed to providing professional development opportunities to faculty, staff and administrators to encourage, reward, and commit the institution to faculty and staff revitalization as a continuing and normal aspect of the campus mission.

Consistent with system-wide commitments to ongoing professional development, Interim Chancellor Louise Pagotto and the Administrative Staff demonstrate “[a]n unwavering commitment within the faculty and staff, the administration, and the governing board to academic freedom and a sound concept of academic tenure.”

The following individuals received professional development funds to participate in off-island conferences and other activities in FY2017:

Individual recipients:

Bob Franco, Director of the Office for Institutional Effectiveness

Shirl Fujihara, Fiscal Planning and Reporting Manager, Business Office

  • WACUBO Business Management Institute

Jackie Lindo, Economics

  • Association of Private Enterprise Education (APEE) annual conference: April 9-11, 2017

Kristie Malterre, Counselor, Kahikoluamea

  • Online Teaching Conference (OTC) 2017: June 19-21, 2017

Trude Pang, Professor, Business, Legal and Technology Education

Krystal Patterson, Human Resources

Group participants:

Alfie Gonzales, Student Support Specialist
Cheri Souza, Counselor, Health Sciences

  • Association of College Unions International (ACUI), 2017 Student Organization Institute (S.O.I.): June 18-23, 2017

Helen Torigoe, Instructional Designer, CELTT
Marisa Yamada, Instructional Designer, CELTT



Regent Policy 9.206 Faculty and Staff Renewal and Vitality Plans

Executive Policy 9.201 Faculty and Staff Renewal and Vitality Directive


Research Training and Revolving Funds (RTRF)

Extramural awards received by the University of Hawaii generate indirect costs, otherwise referred to as “facilities and administrative costs,” to reimburse institutions for costs associated with implementing extramurally funded projects.

Facilities and administrative costs incurred by the program/institution implementing extramurally funded projects include:

  • utilities,
  • data bases,
  • compliance with state and federal regulations,
  • administrative staff,
  • renovations

Hawaii Revised Statute (“HRS”) Chapter 304-8.1 established a research and training revolving fund for indirect costs generated on extramural awards. These funds may be used for three purposes:

a. Research and training purposes which may result in additional research and training grants and contracts;

b. Facilitating research and training at the university; and

c. Further deposit into the discoveries and inventions revolving fund and the University of Hawai‘i housing assistance revolving fund.

The FY2017 allocation and internal distribution of the RTRF funds at Kapiolani Community College are detailed in the attachments below. RTRF funds were earmarked for academic programs, student support services, administrative services, as well as critical needs for the campus. 

Surplus funds were available to administrators, faculty and staff to seek funding for professional development activities. FY2017 RTRF recipients are listed below.



Chapter 304-8.1, Hawai‘i Revised Statutes

UH Systemwide Policies and Procedures, Executive Policy 12.216 Research Training and Revolving Fund

Indirect cost rates, Office of Research Services, University of Hawaii System

F&A Rate on Federal Funds Pass-Through Awards from State of Hawaii and Local City and County Government Sponsors