The Office for Institutional Effectiveness was created in response to a recommendation made in the 2006 Accreditation Self Study, effectively replacing the Office of Planning and Institutional Research.  OFIE was created to assist with all academic, student services, and continuing education programs in assessing student success, the health of programs, developing tactical plans that align with the College’s strategic plans, and providing data to be used as the basis for administrators to determine the allocation of resources.  Additionally, OFIE was created to provide extramural funding (grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts) proposal development support, utilizing data that will inform the allocation of financial resources based on strategic and tactical plans.


Our Mission

OFIE provides leadership and coordination for long-range, strategic, and tactical planning; research in institutional effectiveness, especially in support of learning-centered faculty development opportunities and student learning outcomes; and grants and resource development in support of national promising practices as well as unique opportunities of Hawaii. As defined in the reorganization plan, OFIE develops, in consultation with the campus community, the College’s strategic plan, tactical plans, self study and accreditation process, and other long range planning documents.


2012 Accreditation

The OFIE website provides resources for the KCC institution-wide strategic planning and accreditation processes.  It is important that all individuals with an interest in the College play a vital role in the strategic planning process.  Be sure to view our Planning section for full details.


OFIE on the web

The OFIE website communicates the College’s planning activities and provides resources for grants development, institutional research, and evaluation.  Success stories, highlights, and new resources are regularly posted to our home page and OFIE website Google Calendar, so please visit often!

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Dr. Robert Franco, Director

Dr. Jeffery Arbuckle, Institutional Analyst

Dr. Qiong Jia, Institutional Analyst

Daniel Beckett, Institutional Analyst

Brandon Marc Higa, Grants Development Specialist

We thank you for your willingness to help prepare the us for the future.  We invite you to explore this website and share your comments by clicking the “Contact Us” link. Call us anytime at (808) 734-9767.