Our Mission

“Building a culture of evidence, supporting improvement and innovation, raising resources, and striving for the highest.”

The Office for Institutional Effectiveness (OFIE) provides leadership and coordination for long-range, strategic, and tactical planning; research in institutional effectiveness, especially in support of learning-centered faculty development opportunities and student learning outcomes; and grants and resource development in support of national promising practices, as well as unique opportunities of Hawaii.

Learn more about the OFIE department planning goals in the current draft of the OFIE Comprehensive Program Review.

OFIE Team Members

Back: Cory Mitchell, Roger Reed, Kara Plamann Wagoner, Robert Franco, Brandon Marc Higa, Front: Robin Atkinson, Shaun Kiyabu










Dr. Robert Franco – Director
(808) 734-9514

Shaun KiyabuInstitutional Analyst
(808) 734-9763

Kara Plamann WagonerInstitutional Analyst
(808) 734-9778

Grants Development Specialist

Dr. Roger ReedInstitutional Analyst
(808) 734-9764

R.Michi Atkinson Administrative, Fiscal and Help Support
(808) 734-9767

Cory Mitchell Web Development and Support, Student Assistant

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