Campus PI’s and Project Staff

OFIE would like to congratulate the following individuals for their contributions to Kapiolani CC’s grants and contracts program.  Since 2006, the College raised over $38 million in extramural funds from sponsors in the federal and state governments, non-profit organizations, private foundations, and cooperative agreements with other higher education institutions.  Their collective contributions have exceeded the KCC Strategic Plan Goal to increase extramural funding by 3% annually.  These funds have made a significant impact on students, programs, facilities, faculty professional development, and the community.


Arts & Sciences

Dean Charles Sasaki

Kelli Nakamura

Linda Fujikawa

Shawn Ford


Business, Legal and Technology

Linka Mullikin


Continuing Education

Ann Ishida-Ho

Edwin Timoteo

Cullen Hayashida


Culinary Arts

Ronald Takahashi, Department Chair, PI

Daniel Leung


Deaf Center and Interpreter Services

Vice Chancellor Louise Pagotto, PI

Jan Fried, PI

Judith Coryell, PI


Health Sciences

Dean Patricia O’Hagan, PI

Department Chair Mark Kunimune, PI

Brent Gaston

Salvatore Lanzilotti


International Education

Chancellor Leon Richards

Joseph Overton

Carl Hefner

Tom Takeshi Tsurutani

Shawn Yacavone

Walter Gojo



Robert Franco, Director

Melisa Orozco-Vargas, Program Coordinator

Claudia Martinez


STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

Chancellor Leon Richards, PI

Vice-Chancellor Louise Pagotto, PI

Dean Charles Sasaki, PI

Department Chair Maria Bautista, Co-PI

Program Director John Rand, Co-PI

Nari Okui, Program Support

Keoki Noji, Marketing and Outreach

Keolani Noa, Outreach and Program Support

Robert Moeng, PI

John Berestecky, Co-PI

Ron Dunn, Co-PI

Judith Kirkpatrick, Co-PI



Vice-Chancellor Mona Lee

Nora Furuno


Special thanks to the University of Hawaii Office of Research Services and Business Office for their leadership in grants and contracts administration.

Know of someone we may have missed?  Please send us the name, title and award that you would like added to