CCSSE – Call for Volunteers

The college calls upon the support from the faculty whose class has been selected to allow CCSSE to be administered in the classroom. Support student voice! Support student engagement! Support CCSSE!

Qiong Jia from the Office for Institutional Effectiveness (OFIE) is the CCSSE coordinator on campus this year. This year’s CCSSE administration features active involvement of teaching faculty, counselors, and staff. A total of 21 faculty and staff volunteered to administer the survey in 79 of their colleagues’ classes. To volunteer as a CCSSE administrator, please contact Qiong Jia at

See the classes selected for CCSSE administration confirmed sample. The college thanks all the faculty who make arrangement of CCSSE administration in their classrooms.

The college would like to say thank you to the following faculty and staff who volunteered to be the CCSSE administrators:

Ana Bravo, Bob Franco, Brandon Higa, Crystalyn Hottenstein, Dawn Zoni, Francisco Acoba, Gemma Williams, Jeffrey Yamashiro,  Krista Hiser, Lori Sakaguchi, Melvin Jadulang, Michaelyn Nakoa, No’eau Keopuhiwa, Rebecca Michaelis, Regina V Ewing, Shannon Sakamoto, Sheryl Fuchino-Nishida, Teri Mitchell,  Veronica Ogata, Wes Maekawa, and Qiong Jia.