Comprehensive Program Review

The Office for Institutional Effectiveness is implementing the College’s Strategic Plan by assisting unit heads with the development of comprehensive program reviews which align with the College’s short and long term goals.  The process was formerly known as “tactical planning” during the 2009-2012 planning cycle, and has since been renamed “comprehensive program review.”

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Program Review – Official Policies

The official policies regarding program review are detailed in the attached policy documents from the University of Hawaii Community Colleges System Office. The main document (5.202-1) is also followed by attachments 1a (annual program review) and 1b (multi-year comprehensive program review).

UH CC Program Review Policies

Kapiolani CC Program Review Policies

Other useful documents

Program Review at Kapiolani

At Kapi’olani Community College, program review policy involves two components; 1) Annual Review of Program Data (ARPD); 2) Three Year Comprehensive Program Review (CPR).

Comprehensive Program Review

Current Draft (2016-2019)

2016-2019 Comprehensive Program Review, Office for Institutional Effectiveness

Current (2013-2016)

2013-2014 Executive Administration Assessment: Comprehensive Institutional Review

Letter to President MRC Greenwood, VPCC John Morton

2012-2013 Executive Administrative Assessment

Academic Support Services

Administrative Support Units

Career & Technical Education 

Health Programs

*hard copies available by request in OFIE –; submitted documents for successful program accreditation

Arts & Sciences

Student Support Services

In the period 2006-2009, the ARPD’s and CPRs were used to inform Tactical Planning for improvement. The ARPD is the College’s anchor assessment and evaluation tool in its overall institutional improvement system. Effective 2013, tactical action plans have been incorporated into the comprehensive program review, and continue to enable programs to identify Strategic Plan outcomes and measures they will help the College achieve. Click here to read more about program review at Kapiolani CC


2009 – 2012 Tactical Planning Process

With OFIE support, each department develops and executes a tactical plan, which is developed with input from the dean, department chair and faculty & staff.  As each department executes their tactical plan, it accelerates the overall success of their respective programs, and the achievement of KCC Strategic Plan goals.

To see how tactical planning aligns with other institutional improvement processes, please view the Institutional Improvement Matrix documents below.

Institutional Improvement Matrix (effective August 10, 2012)

Institutional Improvement Matrix (effective June 2012)

Institutional Improvement Matrix (effective March 2012)


Dissemination to Faculty and Staff 

Throughout AY 2009-2010, unit heads of every department at KCC presented their tactical plans to the Policy, Planning and Assessment Council (PPAC) for feedback from their peers.  This input from faculty, staff and students were taken into consideration, and in many cases integrated into the final versions of the department tactical plans.  Please click on the links below for examples of KCC department tactical plan presentations.

An example of a PPAC presentation may be found below:

Office for Institutional Effectiveness (Power Point presentation)


KCC Department Tactical Plan Reports Spring 2012

Please click on any of the links below to review the final version of the department tactical plans.


Administrative Services

Arts & Sciences

Business, Legal and Technology Education

Center for Excellence in Learning, Technology and Teaching

Community Relations and Continuing Education

Culinary Arts

EMS – Emergency Medical Services

Health Sciences

Hospitality and Tourism Education


Kekaulike Information and Service Center (KISC)

Legal Education

Library & Learning Resources


Office for Institutional Effectiveness

Office of International Affairs ***

Student Services


** previous versions of the KCC department tactical plans are available on Quill in the tactical plan section.

*** Office for International Affairs Tactical Plan Updates for 2011 and 2012 are available in hard copy at the Honda International Center, Iliahi 107 and OFIE, Ilima 203