Funding Opportunities

The Office for Institutional Effectiveness mission is to assist faculty and administrators in identifying external funding sources for both institutional grants, and those in support of faculty research projects. OFIE, in collaboration with the Title III Shared Services Center and UH Office of Research Services, assists faculty members in the preparation and submission of proposals for grants and awards from external sources.  KCC Grants Development & Administration

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Publication, research and travel grants for individuals

Foundation grants & other local funding opportunities

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University of Hawaii Small Grants

The University of Hawaii provides two grant competitions held in both fall and spring semesters. If successful, these seed grants could potentially leverage future grant proposals by presenting the College with a promising program idea or a funding niche. Interested applicants are encouraged to schedule a consultation with OFIE to ensure the development of quality proposals, and to avoid duplicate or competing submissions for the same program.

UH SEED Office IDEAS – Initiatives for Diversity, Equity, Access and Success (up to $5,000)Formerly the Diversity and Equity Initiative Award Summary: seed grant which funds program activities promoting diversity awareness. Applications accepted fall and spring semester.Special requirements: signature from campus fiscal officer.Submission method: email or hard copy (OFIE can deliver to UH Manoa with advance notice)Maximum award amount: $5,000 Proposal page limit: 5 pages for requests $1,000

Allowable costs: Honorarium, Travel for speakers, trainers, performance artists, Lodging, Printing and supply costs, Rental for venues or equipment, Administrative support to initiate the project

Not allowable costs: Travel for faculty or students to the mainland, Food for events, Leis and flowers, Overload for faculty, Computers, digital cameras or printers

Previous recipients:

  • Veronica Ogata (Student Success Coordinator), Native Hawaiian Intellectual & Cultural Property Rights
  • Annie Keola Thomas (Library) Aloha ‘Aina Speaker Series
  • Kelli Nakamura, Joy Oehlers, Maiana Minahal, Julie Rancilio, “Celebrate Diversity Month: Social Justice and Community Activism Diversity Workshops.” The project added a new element to diversity programming in April 2015 with a series of speaker workshops on key social challenges in Hawaiʻi to promote awareness, commitment to personal and civic responsibility, and community action. Speakers include Kathryn Xian of Pacific Alliance to Stop Slavery (PASS), community-building facilitator and organizer Puanani Burgess, Assistant Professor Julie Rancilio, and UH System Commissioner for LGBTIQ and certified Safe Zone Trainer Maiana Minahal. Together these community leaders along with student facilitators will examine LGBT issues, community-building by embracing diversity, human trafficking, and feminism in the media.
  • Joy Oehlers (Information Literacy Librarian) International Games at the Library was a highly successful and campus-wide project bringing together students of all disciplines to play interactive games from around the world. The project was funded a total of $1,000 which was leveraged for other UH grant programs.
  • Jan Fried (Deaf Education in partnership with Waikiki Aquarium) WAI’A2: Waikiki Aquarium Includes ASL2
  • Lisa Kobuke (Japanese) and June Aono (UHWO Prof Emerita Accounting) Japanese Tea Ceremony
  • Linda Fujikawa (Japanese Professor, Languages, Linguistics, and Literature) “Opening Doors of Opportunity: An International Fashion Show” for fashion show and traditional Japanese dye technique demonstration as part of KCC’s annual International Festival ($500), fall 2009.
  • Carl Hefner (Department Chair, Arts & Sciences) for the International Festival ($500) spring 2010, and International Education Week and 2011 International Festival ($1,500), fall 2010. *created part-time jobs for KCC students to provide administrative support for events.
  • Shawn Ford (ESOL Program) “Higher Education Access and Teacher Training for Immigrant Students” ($2,000), fall 2008; “Summer Writing Workshops for ELLs” ($1,350), spring 2012.
  • Melisa Orozco (Service Learning Program) “Exploring My Backyard Program” ($1,000), spring 2012.
UH Women’s Campus Club Grant (average award $4,000) Summary: small grant to fund purchase of educational supplies and other costs. Special requirements: benefit a large number of people over a longer duration of time. Maximum award amount: none specified, average award is for $4,000. Submission method: 5 hard copies postmarked to P.O. box address provided.

Suggested page length: 3 pages or less

Allowable costs: books, supplies, performance fees, other program costs

Not allowable costs: individuals (honorarium, salaries, wages, entertainment, travel

Interested grant seekers should anticipate receiving guidance and final review for budgets from the Business Office.

Previous recipients:

  • Carl Hefner (Arts & Sciences) $2,000 to purchase musical instruments for Asian-Pacific instrument collection to be used in Anthropology, Music, History, and Asian Studies courses
  • Joy Oehlers (Library) $800 for overhead projector to scan reference and reserve books, photos, notes, and other student uses
  • Sharon Fowler and Lisa Yrizarry nearly $2,000 for printer and Samsung 40// TV to promote STAR Registration to encourage students to participate in walk-in hours, important deadlines, and other events at the Maida Kamber Center
  • Kelli Nakamura (History) $2,157.05 for clickers to enhance classroom participation in History classes
  • Lina Doo (Performing Arts) $4,350 for purchase of lighting fixtures and a sound board to enhance the Performing Arts space in Maile building


UH SEED Office – IDEAS – Initiatives for Diversity, Equity, Access and Success (formerly Diversity and Equity Initiative Award)

KCC faulty and staff who are interested in promoting diversity on campus are encouraged to apply for up to $5,000 in funding from the UH SEED Office’s Diversity and Equity Initiative Award.  Funding proposals for projects addressing issues on ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities and culture are being accepted.  Please read carefully on submission guidelines to ensure that you meet the requirements.  Also, applicants are highly encouraged to contact OFIE for grant proposal development support.  You may read about previous winners and insider tips in the OFIE website Grants Development section.  Good luck!

Funding available:  Honda Grant to fund up to $5,000 for projects pertaining to international education

The University of Hawaii System and University of Hawaii Community College System are accepting applications from campus representatives for projects promoting international education and exchange.  Funding for up to $5,000 is available for a single project for each UHCC campus.  Interested applicants are encouraged to contact Dr. Joseph Overton, Director of the Honda International Center and Office of International Affairs by email –  Funding proposals prepared prior to the September 20, 2013 deadline may be submitted to OFIE for review and editing.

Funding for Individuals: Publication, Research and Travel Grants

Several funding opportunities in the form of publication, research and travel grants, as well as fellowships are available to KCC faculty. These present opportunities to explore new ideas which can advance the College’s efforts by developing a promising program or funding niche.

The Association for Asian Studies – list of grants, fellowships and prizes AAS provides a comprehensive list of grants, scholarships and fellowships for university and college faculty interested in pursuing studies, travel and other activities in Asia, including China, Japan, and Korea, as well as Southeast Asia.
National Endowment for the Humanities NEH provides several funding opportunities for individual research, travel and other awards. Please visit their website for a full list of programs and deadlines.
NEH Summer Stipends Provides outright award of up to $6,000 for two consecutive months of full-time research and writing.
Hawaii Council for the Humanities Several small grants ranging from $2,000 – $5,000 are available for public programs that promote a better understanding and appreciation of the humanities among the general public in Hawaii. Previously funded activities have included history, philosophy, ethics, religious studies, literary studies, art history, and anthropology.Deadline(s): February 15; June 15; September 15
Publication Assistance Grant (up to $2,500) Publication Assistance Grant is designed to support humanities publications, ranging from interpretive museum or historical site brochures and simple monographs to major books and texts.Public program required.
Emerging Talent Grant (up to $5,000) First-time applicants onlyThis grant line is dedicated exclusively to first-time applicants who want to explore an idea that is related to the humanities but need assistance in fleshing out the content, personnel, and related programming. Proposed project ideas must contain humanities content. Applicants must also be able to identify and maintain contact with at least one person who has expertise in a field related to the project topic throughout the duration of the project.Public program required.
Research Assistance Grant (up to $2,500) Research Assistance Grant is designed to support research on a topic or issue centered in the humanities field.Research Assistance projects to develop humanities resources may include an examination of primary sources in archives and libraries, travel to collections or the conducting of oral histories.Public program required.
Planning Grant (up to $2,000 for public humanities program, or $2,500 for development of script for a film or documentary project) Planning Grant is designed to support the planning of humanities programs and for the development of scripts for film or video documentary projects.Planning grants are of two types.One type of planning grant is an award of up to $2,000 to help a nonprofit group without ready contact with the humanities to plan and develop a public humanities program, culminating in the submittal of a regular grant proposal to the HCH.Another type of planning grant is an award of up to $2,500 to help a nonprofit group develop and write a competitive, humanities-centered script that would accompany a regular grant proposal involving a film or video production format.No public program required.



Success story highlight:

KCC History Professor Kelli Nakamura successfully applied for a Publication Assistance Grant to fund the publication on her manuscript, which explores issues of race, class, criminality, and ethnic identity within the Japanese community in Hawai‘i from the arrival of the first Japanese migrants in 1886 through World War II and its immediate aftermath. In addition to partnering with the University of Hawaii, Kelli will be working with the other Japanese-American serving organizations in the islands to raise awareness of these issues among the general public.



Foundation Grants & Local Funding Opportunities

Foundation grants and other private funding opportunities are handled by the University of Hawaii Foundation. Please contact the College’s development officer if you intend on submitting a funding proposal to a foundation, corporate, private, i\dependent and other community grant program.


Hawaii Community Foundation Hawai‘i Community Foundation distributes charitable funds to Hawai‘i’s nonprofit organizations through a variety of programs. Organizational Capacity Building program is a strategic investment in the strengthening of our community. Through government-based initiatives and funder collaborations, we help increase the level of charitable investment in Hawai‘i’s community. We also administer a number of smaller funds focused on supporting specific fields of nonprofit work, such as education or health.
Hawaii People’s Fund Hawaii People’s Fund provides grants for community groups implementing projects that utilize organizing and education to promote social change. Startup projects are also welcome. Applicants are encouraged to contact Hawaii People’s Fund directly with questions regarding eligibility and application requirements prior to submitting a project proposal. Proposals are accepted twice annually: March 1 and September 1.
Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) The Office of Hawaiian Affairs offers a variety of grant programs with deadlines occuring three times a year. For more information, please visit:§ionid=8&id=60&Itemid=161
Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts (HFSCA)Grants for Arts and Humanities Projects HSFCA administers the Biennium Grants Program, as well as other smaller programs to fund art and cultural activities in Hawaii public institutions. Prospective applicants are encouraged to attend the Biennium Grants Workshops offered free of charge at the Hawaii State Art Museum.
Harold K. L. Castle Foundation Grants offered for non-profits with 501(c)3 status, or public schoolsSpecial consideration for applicants from the Windward sideFunding priorities: public education redesign and enhancement (pre-K – 12th grade); nearshore marine resource conservation, strenghtening Windward Oahu communitiesApplications accepted on a rolling basis all year round
Bank of Hawaii Caritable Foundation Bank of Hawaii Charitable Foundation Grants provide discretionary grants and long term pledge grants which benefit non-profit organizations involved in improving the quality of life, health and well-being of individuals and communities in the markets that Bank of Hawaii serves.Emphasis is placed on organizations with program areas focused on Education (with an emphasis on children and youth), Health Care, Community Development, Housing, Human Services, and Culture and the Arts.
HCH Preservation & Access Grant (up to $5,000) Designed to support the preservation of state and community resources, such as historical documents, photographs, artifacts, oral traditions and languages, and to make these cultural resources readily accessible to local communities, scholars, and the general public.
HCH Regular Grant (no set limit) Regular Grant is designed to support humanities programs, including community education on historical, cultural and ethical topics and traditions.Regular Grant activities may include, but are not limited to, interpretive exhibits, conferences, teacher workshops and lesson plans, historical and literary role-playing performances, public forums and lectures, documentary film and video productions, radio programs and literature discussion groups.Public program required.

KCC Grants Calendar (hosted by Google Calendar)

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