Submitting Grant Proposals at KCC

The Office for Institutional Effectiveness (OFIE) is available to assist faculty and staff in the development of a grant proposal from conceptualization to the final submission of a proposal. The level of assistance provided during the development process varies based on the complexity of the grant proposal.


We are committed to supporting KCC administrators, faculty and staff by assuring timely submission of complete and accurate proposals.  To succeed in this goal, we encourage applicants to take advantage of OFIE’s expertise in the review of proposal materials, and the design of a complete and consistent application package.

You may learn more about specific elements of the grant proposal development process by clicking on the links below:

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myGRANT online submission system

Proposal writing tips

Budgets – some tips

Indirect reduction and waiver policy


Getting Started

To submit a proposal, first contact your department or unit head.  Also, please be sure that you completed the UH Office of Research Services’ Grants and Contracts Certification Course (available online).  Many funders require specific submission systems, such as or NSF Fastlane, in addition to the myGRANT online proposal submission system now required by the UH System.


Align Funding Requests with KCC Strategic Plan & Departmental Tactical Plan


Funding requests should support the Kapiolani CC Strategic Plan and department tactical plan.  Project goals and outcomes should be discussed with your dean and/or department chair (Chancellor or Vice-Chancellor in some cases). Things to discuss with unit head include:


  • Staffing requirements, including anticipated reassigned time to work on the proposed project
  • Facilities and other resources available, such as classroom space, technology needs, etc.
  • Cost-share commitments and matching requirements
  • Indirect cost (facilities and administrative costs) distribution

Identify Potential Funding Sources

KCC faculty and staff seeking funding opportunities can use the OFIE website’s Browse Funding Opportunities section to locate funding awards which may suit their project needs.  OFIE may assist with identifying potential funding sources by monitoring federal and foundation funding opportunity announcements.  Several databases are available at no cost to the subscriber, such as, the Federal Register, and Foundation Center RFP Bulletin.


Once you decide which funding opportunity to pursue, OFIE can assist with the proposal development process by:

  • Establishing timeline, division of tasks and suggested regular planning meetings
  • Liasing with UH Office for Research Services, Chancellors Office and Business Office
  • Correspond with federal sponsor regarding updates and follow up questions


Applicants should be aware that all funding proposals are routed through the online myGRANT proposal submission system, which requires electronic signature from the PI, key personnel, campus fiscal officer, unit head, Chancellor, and ORS representative.

Putting Together the Application   

Funders have unique application requirements depending on the funding opportunity.  Many federal applications submitted through also require additional forms with information about the applying institution, compliances, conflict of interest, lobbying activities, and other information.


Application Materials Application form(s)Project NarrativeBudget DetailsBudget Narrative / JustificationCV for all principal and co-investigators – (see below for guidelines)Management PlanLogica Model (for some federal applications)
CV or NSF Biographical Sketch for Investigators integral to the proposed activities(template) CV’s submitted to federal agencies should not include personal information, such as mailing address or phone numbers.List “synergistic activities,” which are up to 5 examples demonstrating broader impact of professional & scholarly activities related to the proposed grant activities. This is to ensure protection of investigators’ private information.Provide names of previous thesis advisors (including the deceased), collaborators and other affiliates for documentation of potential conflict of interest with prime funding agency.
Supplemental Materials Letter of commitment for third party collaboratorsLetter of commitment to document cost-shareLetter of support from industry partnersMemorandum of Agreement, for consortium proposals

Internal Review 

Final Submission to ORS via myGRANT

Funding proposals are submitted via the myGRANT online proposal submission system.  These proposals (e.g. grants, cooperative agreements, contracts, and other awards) should be reviewed and approved by the campus Grants Development Specialist at the Office for Institutional Effectiveness and campus fiscal officer at the KCC Business Office. Final review and submissions are made by the UH Office of Research Services (please allow 5 business days prior to closing date for processing).


Business Office KCC campus fiscal officer reviews grant application packet to ensure all costs are reasonable, and that cost-share commitments in the form of cash, in-kind and other voluntary contributions are available.Review and approval completed in myGRANT systemRecommended:  submit final materials 10 business days prior to closing date
Chancellor’s Office Chancellor reviews the proposal to ensure that all commitments made on behalf of the College are feasible and reasonable.Review and approval completed in myGRANT system
UH Office of Research Services(5 business days prior to closing date) Once a proposal is reviewed and approved by the PI, campus fiscal officer, unit head, and Chancellor, it will be routed to the UH Office of Research Services Pre-Award Section.  ORS acts as the official representative of KCC when submitting proposals to funders.


Online Majority of grant proposals are submitted via the online system. Final proposal materials approved by the KCC Business Office and UH ORS should be uploaded to the ORS website application uploader tool. ORS will make the final submission on behalf of the PI.US Department of Education egrants systemNational Science Foundation (proposals submitted online via ORS, not individuals or individual campuses)
Hard Copies via FedEx and U.S. Postal Services Some federal agencies (e.g. USAID Higher Education for Development) require submission of hard copies. In some cases, these proposals must be received on the closing date. For these type of applications, please anticipate finalizing proposal materials a month in advance to ensure the necessary clearances are obtained prior to UH Office of Research Service submitting application.

Copies of final grant proposal to be maintained in OFIE/Business Office grant database, and archived in hard copy at OFIE. Positive funder decisions trigger establishment of account. Negative funder decision triggers analysis of evaluator comments and possible resubmission.