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The Office for Institutional Effectiveness (OFIE) is available to assist faculty and staff in the development of a grant proposal from conceptualization to the final submission of a proposal. The level of assistance provided during the development process varies based on the complexity of the grant proposal.

We are committed to supporting KCC administrators, faculty and staff by assuring timely submission of complete and accurate proposals.  To succeed in this goal, we encourage applicants to take advantage of OFIE’s expertise in the review of proposal materials, and the design of a complete and consistent application package.

Grants Proposal Development & Administration Policy

List of Sponsors


Professional Development 


Browse Current Grant Opportunities

Discover the world of grant making and philanthropy with a current list of available funding opportunities offered by the University of Hawaii, State of Hawaii and local foundations.  This section includes program summaries, along with additional information on proposal requirements and tips from program officers to increase your chances of winning one of these awards.  You may also view highlights of past recipients for certain awards.  Kapiolani CC administrators, faculty, staff and students have access to the Pivot funding opportunities database.  Click here to search for funding opportunities through Pivot.

Resources for Grant Applicants

Successful grant proposal development is an ongoing process which requires research of funding institutions, relationship building with community partners, prudent budgeting, and more.  Delve into the world of grant writing in OFIE’s Resources for Grant Applicants section, which provides online resources, grant databases, recommended reading lists and upcoming workshop dates.


KCC Grants Calendar (hosted by Google Calendar)

Sign up for the Grants Calendar to stay informed about upcoming grant writing workshops, proposal deadlines and other important dates.  By staying informed of upcoming grant deadlines, applicant may increase the prospects for success in developing a competitive proposal.  Conveniently hosted by Google Calendar, the KCC Grants Calendar can easily be added to your smart phone for mobile updates.

Grant Management

At KCC, the grant and contract management process is a collaborative effort involving the UH Office of Research Service, the KCC Business Office and the Office for Institutional Effectiveness.  Please be sure to maintain contact with all three entities throughout the duration of your project, and to provide each with (1) Updated ORS form 5, (2) pre-award proposal documents, (3) post-award documents, including award notification letter from the prime funding agency and ORS.


Subawards and Subcontracts

As of March 1, 2011, all subawards and subcontracts from federal prime funding sources will be processed through the University of Hawaii Office of Research Services.  Project directors / investigators should contact OFIE to initiate discussions with the ORS Contracts Section and KCC Business Office before accepting any commitments via subawards or subcontracts.  Please note that the University of Hawaii is the official recipient for subawards (i.e. not Kapiolani CC, although scope of work may be conducted by KCC faculty and/or on KCC facilities).

UH Foundation Awards

As of August 2010, The UH Foundation entered an agreement with the UH Foundation on how to process awards through the myGRANT proposal submission tool.  Click here for more information on ORS agreements.

KCC Grants Office Contact:

Robert Franco, Phd.
Director, Office for Institutional Effectiveness
(808) 734-9514

Brandon Marc Higa
Director of Resource Development, Title III Project Director
(808) 734-9776

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