Long Range Development Plan

The Kapiolani Community College Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) is Kapiolani Community College’s master plan linking the KCC Strategic Plan (2008-2015) physical planning process with campus programmatic and institutional goals.  Currently, the University of Hawaii Board of Regents is in the review and approval process of this living plan, so the existing LRDP drafts are still pending further development before it can be implemented.

Long Range Development Plan – presentation to all Kapiolani CC faculty and staff, Aug 2010

University of Hawaii Board of Regents Approval

The University of Hawai`i Board of Regents, on Thursday, September 16, 2010, approved Kapi`olani CC’s Long Range Development Plan (LRDP) in principle. Overall the Regents were impressed with the quality of the LRDP and with the level of involvement, both within the college and the surrounding community, in developing the plan.  I want to thank all members of our community that participated in the LRDP process by attending meetings, offering ideas on the future needs of the college, and sharing their vision for the Kapi`olani campus of the future.

Feedback from Kapiolani CC Faculty and Staff

Following the UH Board of Regents approval, Kapiolani CC faculty and staff sent feedback and comments to to Bob Franco ( bfranco@hawaii.edu) and Melanie Wong of PBR at ( mwong@pbrhawaii.com), and to the Chancellor Leon Richards’ office.  Participants included Faculty Senate, Kalualani, Staff Council, and Student Congress members as well as from all faculty, staff, and students.

LRDP Planning Documents

Public versions of the Kapiolani Community College Long Range Development Plan document and power point presentation are available for download on the KCC main homepage.  KCC faculty and staff with log in credentials are able to review the full length LRDP documents, Vol. 1 & 2 at PBR Hawaii & Associates’ website.

The following are archived documents of the LRDP planning process.

Community Open House – December 2009

Community Open House – January 2010

Diamond Head Neighborhood Board, February 11, 2010 meeting minutes

Kaimuki Neighborhood Board – February 17, 2010 meeting minutes

Waialae-Kahala Neighborhood Board – February 18, 2010 meeting minutes

LRDP Presentation to Kapiolani CC Faculty & Staff – August 2010

Comparison of Planning Alternatives No.1

Comparison of Planning Alternatives No. 2