myGRANT is the online proposal submission and research administration system currently used by the University of Hawaii.  Effective February 12, 2012, Kapiolani Community College is required to submit all grant prposals, award modificaitons, and other transations related to extramural funding through the myGRANT system.  This new system effectively replaces the hard copy submission of ORS forms and its corresponding approval process.

Click here to access the comprehensive guide to myGRANT.  


About myGRANT

myGRANT is a system-to-system electronic research administration system of Kuali-Coeus, one of the major projects of the Kuali Foundation. UH is currently implementing another Kuali Foundation project, the Kuali Financial System, which will go live on July 1, 2012.


Accessing myGRANT

To access myGRANT at, you will need a University of Hawaii (UH) ID and password. If you do not already have one, the individual wishing to access myGRANT must first request a UH ID and password using this page:


Training offered

Training for myGRANT is currently being offered for principal investigators, fiscal and administrative officers and all individuals involved in the proposal development and submission process.

Classroom training sessions are designed to give the user hands-on training and include a brief introduction ofmyGRANT and a comparison of the current hard-copy process to the myGRANT process for proposal development and submission; a demonstration of the myGRANT proposal development and submission process; use of themyGRANT online training module; and development of a proposal by each participant using myGRANT.

Online training is also available in the university’s Laulima online learning system.


Need assistance with myGRANT?

In addition to training and online resources, the Office of Research Services has expanded its Helpline hours to provide additional support to the UH community. Call the ORS Helpline at (808) 956-5198 or submit a support ticket online.


Please be advised that all extramural funding proposals – grants, contracts, cooperative agreements, subawards – must be submitted via the UH Office of Research Services. In other words, PI’s and other individuals should not directly submit proposals to federal agencies without prior review and approval by the KCC Business Office and UH Office of Research Services.

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