Small Grants Available through UH SEED Office

The Office of Student Equity Excellence and Diversity (SEED) is currently accepting applications for Fall 2012 Diversity and Equity Initiative grants. All UH departments and programs at all campuses are eligible to apply.  The Diversity and Equity Initiative grants support UH diversity goals with projects that provide a more inclusive environment for students, faculty and administrators.

The application deadline is Friday, October 5, 2012.

Revised guidelines and an updated application are available online at

For more information, contact Pua Auyong at

**Kapiolani CC’s former recipients include Linda Fujikawa (LLL), Shawn Ford (LLL), Melisa Vargas (Service-Learning), Carl Hefner (Arts & Sciences).  Applicants that provide statistics on the number of students served within the UH community always seem to fare better than others.

Insider tips are available on the OFIE website’s Grants Success Stories page.

OFIE Director to present at SIAS International University in China

OFIE Director Robert Franco received an invitation to give a presentation on Service-Learning at an upcoming conference held by SIAS International University of Henen Province, China. Dr. Franco was invited on behalf of the Founder and President of SIAS University for his expertise in designing, training and developing Service Learning Programs at Kapiolani CC, and across the United States. The conference will be held on May 23-25, 2013 in Zhengzhou, People’s Republic of China.

Please join the OFIE and Service-Learning staff in congratulating Bob.

OFIE Report: Distance Education

How has distance education grown at Kapiolani Community College in the past five years?  

OFIE published a report on distance education highlighting the overall growth in registrations, head count and FTE’s in the past five years.  By analyzing data on successful completion of distance education courses and withdrawal rates, OFIE was able to determine the effectiveness on distance education in comparison to face-to-face classrooms.  The report also highlights trends in the success rates of Native Hawaiian students in distance education courses in comparison to their counterparts in traditional face-to-face classrooms.

Download OFIE’s report on distance education courses.  distanceedreport

Transfer Reports Released

How well do transfer students from Kapiolani Community College do in comparison to students who start their academic career at UH’s four-year institutions?  

OFIE released a transfer report to answer this critical question.  The transfer report revealed that there were no significant differences in the percentages of students earning a GPA greater than or equal to 2.0 in each academic year of the study (2006-07 to 2010-2011) for Kapiolani CC transfer students and for students who are “native” to UH Manoa, UH Hilo, and UH West Oahu.  These results were consistent for all majors for academic years 2006 – 2007 to 2010 – 2011.

Dowload the Kapiolani CC Transfer Report for Academic Years 2006 – 2007 to 2010 – 2011 KapCC_Transfer_Report_AY_2006-2007_to_AY_2010-2011

OFIE Report: Gatekeeper Courses

Do gatekeeper courses affect student retention and progress toward a degree?  

Traditionally, gatekeeper courses have high enrollment rates with relatively low success rates.  Some examples include English 100, and Math 100, 103 and 115.  While some may feel that gatekeeper courses could impede academic progress because students find them difficult, OFIE found that found that students enrolled in gatekeeper courses generally exhibited better academic progress and reenrollment than non-gatekeeper course students.  Enrollment in gatekeeper courses had a positive, but inconsistent effect on academic progress and reenrollment.  For more information, Download the full report on Gatekeeper Courses at Kapiolani Community College. Gatekeeper_Course_Report_for_KapCC–fall_2007_-_fall_2010

Accreditation Evaluation Team Roster Announced

July 19, 2012 — The team roster for the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) evaluation team visiting Kapiolani CC in October has been announced. Kapiolani CC faculty, staff and students are encouraged to view the evaluation team roster available at the OFIE website Accreditation section to learn more information about who will be conducting the site visit. Each evaluation team member will be provided copies of the College’s self evaluation report, along with the latest class schedule.

Download the Evaluation Team Roster  Evaluation_Team_Roster

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming evaluation team visit, please contact OFIE Director and Accreditation Liaison Officer Dr. Robert Franco (