The Office for Institutional Effectiveness provides leadership and direction in the College’s planning efforts.  The purpose of the “Planning” section of the website is to communicate the planning efforts of Kapiolani Community College and to provide resources for KCC’s faculty and staff to be involved with the institution-wide planning process.  Current projects include department tactical planning, KCC Strategic Plan, and the Long Range Development Plan.  We invite you to share your comments either by contacting any of the individual unit heads regarding their tactical plans, or by clicking the “Contact Us” link in the top navigation with further questions.

Strategic Plan Scorecard:  are we reaching our goals?

KCC Strategic Plan

Office for Institutional Effectiveness Director Dr. Robert Franco, and Institutional Researchers Dr. Jeffrey Arbuckle and Dr. Yao Hill led the development of the 2008-2015 KCC Strategic Plan, with input from KCC faculty, administrators and students.  Browse the “Strategic Planning” section to view the KCC Strategic Plan, and University of Hawaii Community College System documents detailing anticipated goals and outcomes during KCC’s Strategic Plan timeline.

KCC Long Range Development Plan

The Long Range Development Plan serves as KCC’s master plan, which guides the form and character of its campus.  The LRDP anticipates the physical manifesations of the campus’ goals, as set forth in its Strategic Plan.  Please visit this section of the website to download a public version copy of the Kapiolani Community College Long Range Development Plan.

Archived documents:

ACCJC/WASC Planning Rubric – August 15, 2012 (working draft)
ACCJC / WASC Planning Rubric- May 8, 2012 (working draft)

Institutional Improvement Matrix (effective August 8, 2012)

Institutional Improvement Matrix (effective June 2012)

Institutional Improvement Matrix (effective March 2012)

Planning and Assessing the Kapiolani CC STEM Enterprise.