Resources for Grantseekers

OFIE maintains a library of proposal development resources compiled from workshops and conferences held by national and local organizations.  Electronic copies of selected resources are available at the links below.


Professional Development 

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Online Resources

Many sources of advice exist on applying for funding at specific federal agencies, offering guidance on tailoring submissions and navigating the application process. These guides are based on reviews of past applications to the respective agencies, to help applicants to avoid common mistakes and to increase the odds of securing sponsorship.

Proposal Development Guides

The Social Science Resource Council provides its Art of Writing Proposals for the social and behavioral sciences.

The Office of Research Integrity’s (ORI) “Avoiding Plagiarism, Self-Plagiarism, and Other Questionable Writing Practices: A Guide to Ethical Writing.”

The National Science Foundation’s (NSF) “A Guide to Proposal Writing.

The National Institute of Health’s (NIH) links to various NIH Institutes’ proposal writing guides and tips, how to choose the appropriate NIH funding instrument, etc.

The Foundation Center’s “Proposal Writing Short Course,” a short, on-line proposal writing guide.

The “Guide for Writing a Funding Proposal,” by Joseph S. Levine,a printable pdf version of Levine’s proposal writing guide, and examples of various parts of a proposal; also contains links to other proposal writing resources and books.

A Grantsmanship Tutorial” from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Office of Grant Support.

The Elements of Style” by William Strunk, Jr. provides the principal requirements of plain English style and concentrates attention on the rules of usage and principles of composition most commonly violated; an on-line resource.


Networking with Program Officers

The Chronicle of Philanthropy shares a transcript of its Winning Government Grants:  How to Cultivate Relationships with Local, State and Federal Officials webinar.


Research Potential Funders

Foundation Center Foundation Finder: A quick foundation look up; basic contact info with assets and total giving.

GuideStar: Searchable database of 650,000+ charitable groups.


Background Check for Community Partners

IRS Exempt Organization List: When all else fails, check here to see if your prospect is a registered nonprofit.


Daily Philanthropy News

The Chronicle of Philanthropy provides daily information on philanthropy news, jobs and ideas.  Access to full text articles are avaialble with valid UH Web login from the UH Manoa Library Electronic Book and Journals site.

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Top news for colleges and universities.  Searchable archives for subscribers + daily email newsletter


Proposal Development Workshops & Trainings

Grants & Contracts Certification Course

A grants and contracts certification course are every semester offered by the UH Office of Research Service.  This six week course is the ideal training for principal investigators, grant managers and other involved with the grants and contracts process within the UH system.  There is also a brief section in Module 2 concerning grant proposal writing.  ** Course materials are available for viewing at OFIE, Ilima 203.

To register for the Spring 2011 Grants and Contracts Certification course, please visit the UH Office of Research Services website.


Grant Proposal Writing Seminar (Foundation Center)

The Foundation Center offered a grant proposal writing seminar at the University of Hawaii Stan Sheriff Center on September 29, 2010.  ** Foundation Center book on proposal tips available for viewing.


Strategic Grant Proposal Writing Workshop

The Institute for Strategic Funding Development is holding a three-day workshop at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  Participants will complete assignments to practice writing proposals, letter of intent, letter of inquiry, budgets and narratives, as well as learn how to network with grant makers.


The Grantsmanship Centerprovides an intensive five-day workshop and a variety of shorter workshops on proposal development fundraising topics.  Our campus hosted thrice in the past and has expressed interest in hosting a workshop in 2011.  Stay tuned for future trainings.


Hawaii People’s Fund periodically provides half-day workshops on a variety of proposal development topics.  These trainings are ideal for novice grant writers who are interested in applying for government, foundation and private grants for non-profits.


The Implementation Group provides annual proposal development workshops to the University of Hawaii faculty and staff.


Grant Databases

CD Publications “Directory of Private Grants for Seniors Programs”


Audioconference & Webinar Transcripts

The Office for Institutional Effectiveness periodically sponsors audioconferences pertaining to grant proposal development.  Recent topics include FY2011 federal grants funding trends, and grants management for principal investigators.  If you have recommendations for future audioconferences, please email us.


The Chronicle of Philanthropy’s” Winning Government Grants:  How to Cultivate Relationships with Federal, State and Local Officials” webinar (October 12, 2010)

CD Publications “Getting the Jump on FY2011 Federal Funding” – audio conference held August 26, 2010

CD Publications “A Comprehensive Guide to Finding, Writing, and Winning Private and Federal Grants”


Additional Reading List Recommended by OFIE:

How to Say It:  Grantwriting by Deborah S. Kroch (2009)

Research Proposals:  A Guide to Success by Thomas E. Ogden and Israel A. Goldberg (2002)

*Proposal Writing:  The Art of Friendly and Winning Persuasion by William S. Pfeiffer, Charles H. Keller, Jr. (2000)

The Only Grant-Writing Book You’ll Ever Need by Ellen Karsh and Arlen Sue Fox (2009)

Storytelling for Grantseekers:  The Guide to Creative Nonprofit Fundraising by Cheryl Clarke (2001)

Developing Successful Grants by MIke DuBose, Martha Davis and Anne Black (2005)

Grant Proposal Makeover:  Transform Your Request from No to Yes by Cheryl A. Clarke and Susan P. Fox (2006)

Models of Proposal Planning & Writing by Jeremy Miner and Lynne Miner (2005)

*Getting Funded:  The Complete Guide to Writing Grant Proposals by Lawrence F. Locke (2000)

Proposals that Work:  A Guide for Planning Dissertations and Grant Proposals by Lawrence F. Locke (2000)

Grant Writing for Dummies by Beverly A. Browning (2008)

How to Write a Grant Proposal by Cheryl Carter New and James Aaron Quick (2003)

Writing Grant Proposals That Win by Deborah Ward (2005)

Grantwriting Beyond the Basics by Michael Wells (2005)

*Guide to Getting Arts Grants by Ellen Liberatori (2006)

* A copy of this book is available for viewing at the Office of Institutional Effectiveness, Room Ilima 203.


Email Listserve and Grants Calendar

Grants Calendar (hosted by Google Calendar)

Please visit the OFIE website calendar (see right column) for upcoming events, grant propoal deadlines, trainings, conferences and workshops, and other relevant information.


Faculty e-mail distribution list

OFIE regularly sends our announcements to alert interested grant seekers about upcoming funding opportunities, workshops, new program guidelines, and other important news.   Contact us if you wish to receive updates via email.

KCC faculty and students interested in applying for grant opportunities are encouraged to schedule a consultation with Brandon Marc Higa, Grants Development Specialist via email (


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